Industrial Grade High Speed 3D Printers

IOFX is an additive manufacturing firm with a mission to advance telehealth innovation

3D printing enables us to leverage an in-house design process for rapid prototyping, complex product development, and custom hardware parts–all while controlling 100% of the manufacturing process. As a result, our clients are able to innovate, streamline, prototype and build while avoiding costly and timely supply chain issues.

Custom designed industrial grade 3D printers built for your specific use case

You pick and choose

We offer Industrial Grade, Semi-Industrial Grade, and Custom Built 3D Printers.

Custom designed

Our 3D printers are built to fit your specific use case and are highly customizable

You start 3D printing

Our Industrial and Semi-Industrial printers arrive fully assembled and our team of experienced engineers are here to help you in your 3D printing journey.